Service Providers

An Approved Provider that operates an IHC Service must comply with all conditions for continued approval as set out in the family assistance law.

Providers and services must be approved for CCS under the Family Assistance Law, and must also have registered with the relevant IHC Support Agency to operate IHC Services in that state or territory. Where an Approved Provider wishes to operate IHC Services in more than one state or territory, they must contact each of the relevant IHC Support Agencies.

An Approved Provider may operate one or more services, and across service types for example, the provider may have approval to operate a FDC service and also one or more IHC Services.

Service operators are the management arm of the IHC structure, responsible for ensuring that the ‘service’ they establish and maintain is operating ethically and according to any relevant standards or regulations.

They also ensure financial stability and accountability while meeting the child care needs of the community.